Al Khalidi

Al Khalidi Center: Training Jordan’s Medical Professionals

Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC), a part of Al Khalidi Hospital and Medical Center, is the first of its kind in Jordan offering certificates, training, and research opportunities to healthcare and non-healthcare professionals seeking to continually improve and learn new skills within their fields.

With the latest equipment, experienced training professionals and the latest research methods, KETC works on developing hands-on skills and qualifying trainees to meet the standards of the professional world. Venture sat down with the CEO of KETC, Walid Al Khalidi, to discuss the potential of KETC in developing the quality of Jordan’s medical professionals.

What was your motivation behind starting Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC)?

KETC was created to invest in and strengthen the technical skills and knowhow of healthcare and non-healthcare providers in the medical field, both locally and regionally. With Al Khalidi Hospital and Medical Center’s (KHMC) 40 years of experience, identifying the need for skilled talent both locally and regionally came as second nature. And so, KETC was born with a vision to lead training in this field and serve the need to provide qualified human capital to both Jordan and the region; offering professional diplomas and courses in alignment with KHMC’s expertise and professionals in both the education and health sectors.

Today, KETC serves as a bridge between fresh graduates and the demand for qualified healthcare and non-healthcare providers in medical institutions. It also provides high quality up-to-date training to all current health and non-health employees, improving their credentials and increasing the quality of healthcare services locally and regionally.

What type of training do you provide?

We provide all types of training related to the medical field. We have a large variation of programs and training, running from sub-specialty diplomas to introductory health courses. Depending on the nature of training, our programs can extend from one day to one year. All our programs are accredited from internationally recognized bodies, such as the Ministry of Higher Education, the American Heart Association, the University of Jordan and the Jordanian Nursing Council.

What is the training capacity of Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC)?

Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC) is the largest private training center in Jordan, with 8 lecture rooms all equipped with the most up-to-date teaching technology. All our lecture rooms include interactive smart boards with live streaming technology allowing the trainees to observe live operations whilst discussing surgical procedures. Additionally, KETC’s advanced simulation labs exposes the trainees to numerous medical scenarios offering the trainees the best teaching methods whilst cultivating their hands-on skills and qualifying them to meet the standards requested by the professional world.

What is the current demand of healthcare and non-healthcare providers seeking to access additional training and educational services such as Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC)?

Seeing as the medical field is continually developing, the demand for additional training and educational services in this field is quite high, especially taking into consideration the high turnover rate. And so, we at KETC have developed and continually develop specialized diplomas and courses to cater for this demand and provide solutions for the brain drain issue the medical sector is facing. These programs improve the skills and knowhow of healthcare providers keeping them up-to-date and making them desirable in the professional medical field. This presents our community members with better chances of securing a job improving their chances of a better career path and promotions both in Jordan and abroad.

With Jordan being the regional hub for medical tourism, how do you think Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC) will help further the promotion of medical tourism and the professionalism of Jordan’s medical services?

Jordan’s most important asset is its local human capital. KETC aims at building on and strengthening this aspect by offering sophisticated programs to improve and develop the technical capabilities of these healthcare and non-healthcare providers of the medical field.

KETC provides the most up-to-date technical training, and thanks to our team and the access KETC has to highly qualified professionals in the health education sector, the quality of our programs is never compromised. We believe with this continuous training, Jordan will keep generating qualified talent providing the best medical service and high quality patient care in the region.

What is your largest target group in the medical field?

We believe the nursing department requires the most training, for several reasons. Firstly, nurses compose approximately 1/3 of the staff in any medical institution making them the largest department. Another reason would be that nurses directly deal with patients on a regular basis, further highlighting the need for their continuous training to keep them up-to-date with the latest knowhow and skills. This in turn, improves and maintains top quality patient care that is at the core of any successful institution.

Do you have any international partners that are helping in the facilitation of training courses?

Yes we do, we are proud partners with the American Heart Association (AHA). All our instructors are certified instructors by the AHA and conduct courses accredited by the Association.

We are also partners with Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in the United States, together we work on creating one of a kind programs, for both trainees and trainers. This partnership has allowed KETC to develop Train-the-Trainer (tot) programs, where it accredits trainers to conduct certain courses.  As part of our growth plan, we are working on creating more partnerships with international bodies, we hope to announce them in the near future!

Would you like to expand Al Khalidi Eductaion and Training Center (KETC) to have facilities outside of Jordan? 

Yes of course, we always seek to improve and expand our services and facilities wherever we feel the market allows us to. KETC has already expanded its services regionally to offer courses abroad. Thanks to our team, we have the capacity to conduct and accredit our training on an international regional level. All our instructors are internationally qualified to cater to any training requested.

Furthermore, we aim at widening our horizon to act as regional consultants in medical recruitment whilst providing professional training to the staff in these medical institutions.