Try & Apply: an innovative and comprehensive student recruitment mobile application

Try & Apply

Omar Katamine discusses new education startup.

Try & Apply is an innovative and comprehensive student recruitment mobile application which enables any student to apply to any university of their choice anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Students will be able to browse through thousands of universities and gain access to information such as courses, entry requirements, photo/video galleries of dorm rooms, campuses, and much more! The App is 100 percent free to download and use. It will be available on the Google Play and App store by the end of  August!

Where did you study and do you think this has influenced your decision to be involved in the education industry?”

I received my bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from the University of Essex and went on to pursue my Masters (LLM) and LPC from City University, London. The UK offers the perfect combination of a world class education and unforgettable life experience. My time in the UK really shaped me into the individual I am today and I believe that everyone should be able to experience this transformative process. It teaches you a lot about yourself, helps you decide your career path, and exposes you to many different things.

How did you come up with the idea of an education mobile app?

Since the age of 13, I was heavily involved in my father’s student recruitment business. Nearly every day after school I was at the office being taught everything from educational counseling to business management. Eager to learn as much as I could, I would ask as many questions as possible, travel to the Gulf to attend University exhibitions, and attend business meetings, school visits, etc. As the years passed, I realized that the student recruitment process as a whole needed a revamp. It was too tedious, complicated, and expensive. I noticed there was a gap in the market and much room for innovation in the education sector. Every year millions of students go through the same critical phase in which they must make arguably the most important decision of their lives. This process should be made much simpler, faster, and more convenient. Hence, Try & Apply was born!

Why did you name it Try & Apply?

I wanted something fun, unique, and catchy! Since students “try” and “apply” to study abroad, I thought it was the most fitting name. Oh, and it rhymes too!

What makes Try & Apply different from other student apps?

Nearly all universities and colleges have their own student apps, however they’re mostly designed for students who have already enrolled at their university/college. Try & Apply was designed to help students make a calculated and conscious decision of where they would be best suited to study abroad. We help students through the entire enrollment process. It has very special features such as live counseling (including chatbots), a document scanner, and a live video option for university representatives to showcase their university/college to potential students. There are also plenty more unique features but I’ll leave that for you to find out!

How do you plan to market and expand your brand?

In order to be competitive in this billion dollar industry you really have to know the markets you’re operating in extremely well. Different markets have different tastes, for example the most prominent social media platform in Jordan is Facebook while in Saudi Arabia it’s Twitter. We have done extensive research worldwide and understand that social media is such an integral part of young people’s lives. For this reason, we will be heavily investing in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We will also be using effective influencers to promote our brand.