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Royal Jordanian RJ

Loss-Making RJ Ends Hot Meals for Medium and Short Haul Flights

Royal Jordanian (RJ) will no longer serve hot meals on short and medium-haul flight as part of a cost cutting drive, the airline’s recently appointed German CEO said in a statement. “RJ has recently substituted the hot meals with sandwiches…

refugee crisis

What Must Be Done

Economy of Jordan State When it comes to grappling with the perilous state of Jordan’s economy, there are many factors which are out of the government’s control. But there are modest steps it can immediately take to set the country…

Ashraf Sabry, Fawry CEO

All Aboard Egypt’s E-payments Express

Whether it’s buying a bus fare or an airline ticket, Egypt’s first and biggest e-payment firm Fawry handles around 1.5 million transactions daily. Fawry CEO Ashraf Sabry told Venture how he planned to convince even more merchants and consumers to make…