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Succeeding Against the Odds: Maria Angeles Amezcua

Maria Angeles Amezcua – General Manager of MetLife Jordan

Maria Angeles Amezcua has been the General Manager of MetLife Jordan since January 2016, after working as MetLife’s Middle East and Africa’s Head of Direct Marketing. Since joining MetLife, Amezcua has held a number of leadership positions in Spain and Turkey, and has constantly driven a profitable operation and facilitated global growth.

When based in Dubai, Amezcua actively supported the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in MEA countries, a passion that she continues to embrace today from Jordan. Over the years Amezcua achieved major milestones, launching several lines of businesses, which helped her gain sound experience and strong leadership skills.

What does it mean to be a female entrepreneur?

Women are emerging as key drivers in business creation. Successful female entrepreneurs of today impact businesses in all areas. To be a female entrepreneur you have to make your voice heard, have the ability to transform a dream into reality, take risks, work hard, become fearless of failures and take each and every opportunity and turn it into success.

I have to say that I find Jordan fascinating with the support and opportunities it provides to women in the workplace.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned throughout your journey?

You have to believe in yourself and the power within you, create your career path even if it means taking risks. You must remember to be humble and surround yourself with a professional team; no one person can achieve everything alone.

In MetLife, we’re deeply committed to having a diverse work environment and strong culture of inclusion, and that gives us a strong competitive advantage.

Having worked in various countries and cosmopolitan environments, I have experienced first-hand the beauty and effectiveness of sitting at a table with valued colleagues from different races, religions, and values. It is a definite formula for success and innovation.

Why did you choose this business in particular?

I didn’t select this business, it selected me. When I had my third child, I made a decision to leave the job I had at the time, to stay home and take care of my son. Six months into the decision, I was already on the lookout for a job. Being a young woman with three children doesn’t help you get back into the business world. However, fortunately it was an insurance company that believed in my potentials which is how I simply walked into the insurance industry.

After 20 years in this business, I feel that I am working in the best industry and at the best company. MetLife takes a multi-faceted approach to engage and develop women as leaders and gears you with various programs and initiatives. I couldn’t imagine a better place to achieve my career aspirations.

Do you think you have managed to leave a mark?

I would like to think that I have left a meaningful mark—whether in my career or personal life. Success is not measured only in financial terms. When a good leadership is in place in a company, it can be felt throughout the entire organization. Employees feel that every job matters within the company.

What are some of the main challenges you face as a female entrepreneur?

Nothing comes easy in the business world, particularly for women. Having said that, women have made great strides over the years, despite the challenges and obstacles. As the General Manager of a multinational company that recognizes Diversity and Inclusion as a competitive advantage, I have been blessed and met no gender hurdles in my career.

When I give advice to my daughters on their professional lives, I always tell them that whatever they choose, they need to make sure to join organizations that truly believe in Diversity & Inclusion to have the right milieu.

Who inspires you?

My parents who gave me all their values and were my role models. Their actions, thoughts, choices, struggles, failures, and triumphs made me want to strive to be the best. I also get inspired by my colleagues and learn something new every day.

Mostly thankful to my leaders as well as my mentor in MetLife who dedicates time for me and guides me in the right direction when I most need it.

What are your future plans?

Being in Jordan has been a great opportunity and I am humbled to be leading this team of professionals. I plan to continue growing the operation and sharing with all my colleagues and employees here my experience and knowledge. Like all international assignments, mine will come to an end someday, so I want to make sure to leave a mark on the society overall. I made great Jordanian friends who will continue to be in my life.

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