The Boulevard

With the Relocation of International Companies’ Headquarters, Occupancy Rate at The Boulevard Reaches 75%

The Boulevard, located at the New Abdali, has achieved unprecedented levels of growth this year, attracting a plethora of global companies to its premises.  Redefining the standards of business in Jordan, through the adaptation of global and state-of-the-art offerings, prestigious companies have been  moving to The Boulevard with the current leased space reaching an occupancy rate of 75%.

Among the most prominent international companies to have relocated its headquarters to The Boulevard recently, is Orange Jordan.  With a substantial space of approximately 11,000 square meters, Orange Jordan will host around 820 employees and join other industry giants such as LG Electronics and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.  Other acclaimed and well-established businesses that have also set-up at The Boulevard include Associated Press, CRIF, Horizon International for Development and Exceed IT.

In addition to the office spaces available at The Boulevard, the New Abdali district also hosts a myriad number of commercial buildings owned by a group of renowned developers.  Together they have crafted a progressive international-tier business community with distinguished clientele such as Societe Generale De Banque – Jordan, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank and Bank Audi,as well as a number of international names such as American Express and Infiniti.

Numerous factors have contributed to companies relocating their headquarters and offices to The Boulevard and the New Abdali.  Designed to be a modern corporate environment and the capital’s new central business district, offerings include luxurious offices within a multi-functional space able to accommodate a variety of needs as well as ample parking spaces.  Other attributes include innovative solutions such as state-of-the-art communication solutions, district energy for heating and cooling, a central gas network, and a gray water recycling system.  Not to mention, the businesses are surrounded by a multitude of world-class hotels, a range of food and beverage outlets, as well as Abdali Mall.  Together, The Boulevard and the New Abdali have crafted the ideal business environment where organizations are set to flourish within the region’s leading business and tourism hub.