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Hand in Hand initiative visited Syrian refugees families near Zataari camp, with gifts of jackets & gloves for 65 kids to keep them warm during chilly winter. Also, a blood donation campaign was organized with EHS-Hakeem at KHBC, 96 blood units were collected from kind donors to provide the National Blood Bank needed for patients. Each month has at least one activity as a social responsibility for Out&About group. We are a community to be there for each other, building a suitable environment for each and every one to become all a better version of ourselves.

Hand in Hand initiative, the charity arm for Out&About Group is one of the continuous programs. Beside a weekly Book Club, A Sports day, Mashaweer Program which designs walks in different city streets around the kingdom and introduces the background history and culture behind those streets and surrounding buildings, Trips and Adventures, Fun Days, Circles Program which includes different discussion circles including; Life Coaching Circle, English Conversation Circle, Awareness Circle, and Marriage Law Circle. Out&About also introduced an initiative called Social Bubbles which allows all members to present their ideas which we study and implement within our different programs.

Throughout the years Out&About attracted members from all walks of life through their diversified initiatives, programs and activities through which the members actually live the values rather than just theoretically talk about them.

About Out & About:

Out&About is a social development group, started in 2010 with three people, but now has more than 18,000 members on its Facebook group and more than 10,000 people participated in the different activities. Many of the members started believing in the values and wanted to adopt them as their own personal values to the level that some asked to give a helping hand; therefore, Out&About established a Council, with teams & volunteers, made up of members who believed in the idea and wanted to share the responsibility of building the Global Citizens Society.

Out&About together in Love, Peace, Acceptance, Forgiveness & Benevolence towards Global Citizenship.