Fakhr El-Din

Fakhr El-Din is a 2016 “Travelers’ Choice Winner” for best fine dining restaurant in the Middle East

Fakhr El-Din restaurant received “The Traveler’s Choice Awards for 2016” for best fine dining restaurant in the Middle East, the highest honor given by TripAdvisor.

The 2016 Travelers Choice award in the Middle East is a new addition to the awards that Fakhr El-Din restaurant received throughout the past years. Fakhr El-Din was recognized with wall of fame, hall of fame from TripAdvisor and many other prestigious awards.

Also ATICO Fakhr El-Din Group participated in three live competitions at HORECAJo 2016 ,the International trade show for hotels, restaurants and   catering, which had a prestigious panel of International Chefs sitting as judges, including Mr. Gugler, President of the World Association of Chefs Societies.

The participants were Chef Naethan Abalso from Vinaigrette, who won a silver medal for the Japanese competition. Chef Fares, from Trattoria, who won a bronze medal for the Italian competition and last but not least Chef Angelito Sanjol from Ren Chai, who won a bronze medal for the Asian competition.

ATICO Fakhr El-Din Group was very proud and delighted by the performance of the chefs and a well-deserved celebration was held in their honor. Many of their colleagues participated in congratulating them and they all joined in the festivities.

It is worth mentioning that Fakhr El-Din restaurant will be celebrating its 20 years anniversary in February 2017.

ATICO – Fakhr El-Din Group operates AlQasr Metropole Hotel, a boutique four-star hotel located in the heart of Shmeisani along with its well-known outlets Trattoria, Vinaigrette, the Nub, and The Qyard. Fakhr El-Din Restaurant, Ren Chai, Yoshi, Wild Jordan Center, Copas Central, Amigo Pub, Kebab Express and Fakhreldin & Co. are also part of the group’s restaurants.