Bowties & Gents launches the first luxury online store for custom-designed men’s accessories in Jordan and Dubai.

Bowties & Gents launched on September 28th 2016 by co-founders Mais Awad and Reem Mufti, introduced its online store of luxury custom-designed bow ties and pocket squares made from premium silk fabric.

Mais Awad and Reem Mufti

Mais Awad and Reem Mufti















The collection is fully designed by the two young women and is available at their website to arrive at your doorstep once you place your online order.

The two young entrepreneurs seemed to have a confident vision while speaking about their line of products. “We are two ladies with completely different personalities and characters who came together from across the world to unite our ideas, dreamy vision and passion for reinventing a men’s fashion trend. In early 2016, we initiated the luxury brand Bowties & Gents; this is our baby! Through our custom-made designs and handpicked premium fabrics, we combined originality with a touch of flair, to bring the designs to life. Each bow tie and pocket square has a carefully thought out story, personalized to each man’s character and personality. This leaves our customer with our collection of designed products. Our personalized and carefully designed prints and patterns took us months to create and develop onto pure silk fabric. Months of research, travelling to find the best quality of fabric, and naturally, a little disagreements here and there – but no harm done! Every line, every idea, every article and every simple touch has been designed and implemented by us. As you can tell, we are very eager and passionate about our brand.”

The company envisions itself to be the leader in the industry initially in the Middle East and eventually on a global level. “We aim to be the go-to store when looking for a bow tie or a pocket square.” The ladies added. The full collection can be found online at as well as on social media @bowtiesandgents.