KeyBS Launching New KeyKIOSK Services in Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE

KeyBS Launching Western Union Service on KeyKIOSK in Qatar

First of all, KeyBS along with its franchise in Qatar KBS Qatar and the strategic partners Western Union and Al Fardan Exchange have launched Western Union service on in Qatar. The announcement was done in the press conference which took place on 14th of November, 2016 in Marsa Malaz Kempenski hotel in Doha with the presence of the chairmen and the top-management of the three parties.

Mr. Salah Al Mousherji -“KeyBS’ chairman” has also attended the conference and expressed his pleasure on the long successful partnership with Western Union, Al Fardan Exchange and KeyBS’ franchise in Qatar “KBS Qatar”.

Mr. Salah said that, today, “The Country Has a Vision of  Transforming Qatar into an Advanced Society Capable of Achieving Sustainable Development and We are Pleased to be Here Today and being Part of This Remarkable Vision Through Western Union and In Coordination With Al Fardan exchange and KBS Qatar”.

Mr. Salah spoke about KeyKIOSK and what this product is providing and how it is participating in facilitating the payments automation, cost reduction and business improvement.


Launching New Viva Services on KeyKIOSK “TAMhere”


Furthermore, KeyBS and its partner in Bahrain “PIE” have announced launching new services for Viva Bahrain on KeyKIOSK “TAMhere”. The first added service is the post-paid payment service and it is a service that enables Viva post-paid customers from paying their bills through KeyKIOSK “TAMhere” while the second service is the direct top-up which allows pre-paid lines customers to transfer credits to their families and friends lines as well.

The services are implemented on all KeyKIOSK “TAMhere” machines in Bahrain either on the KIOSKs located in public venues or the ones installed on the government institutions.

KeyBS and Wallstreet Exchange Have Launched Fines Payment Service on KeyKIOSK


In addition and in the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Darraz “KeyBS’ Managing Director” and Mr. Sultan Al Mahmoud “Acting Managing Director of Wall Street Exchange”, KeyBS and Wall Street Exchange have launched fines payment service on KeyKIOSK. The service is enabling the UAE residents from paying the payments of the fines which were taking place in Dubai. Also all Dubai plates cars drivers can pay their fines which were taking place in any Emirate on KeyKIOSK machines all over the UAE.

Also Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Sultan had visited one of the KeyKIOSK locations on the launching day, and have tested the service in order to make sure that it had been added and launched successfully.

Finally, both parties are looking forward for a long and a successful business relationship and to work together in new projects and services.


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