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Jordan lagging behind on ‘green’ economic performance – report

Jordan achieved an underwhelming ranking on a global index that measures the green economic performance of countries and how experts assess that performance.

Jordan, which made it onto the list for the first time, was rated 60 out of 80 countries in this year’s edition of the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), which is published by Dual Citizen, a US-based consultancy.

The GGEI Index uses quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure how well each country performs on four key dimensions: leadership and climate change, efficiency sectors, markets and investment, and the environment.

Dual Citizen said Jordan’s GGEI performance revealed “many areas for improvement,” including a need to improve the way it generates electricity. “GGEI results in the future is for Jordan to focus on efficiency improvements, starting with renewable energy which currently does not contribute enough to electricity production there.”

Dual Citizen said its GGEI Index is particularly useful for countries aiming to hit new emission reduction and sustainable development goals that will require data and insight to identify the “best pathways to a low carbon economy.”

Other Arab countries on this year’s index include Morocco at 35, the UAE at 45, Oman at 72, Kuwait at 77, and Saudi Arabia at 80.