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Uber Trials Cash Payments in Amman

Uber said it recently began trialing cash payments for rides in Amman in an effort to expand in a market where credit card usage still stands at mere 1.5 percent.

“Given the credit card penetration in Amman, launching cash really gave us the opportunity to target almost everyone in Amman looking for a convenient and affordable ride,” said Hamdi Tabaa, the ride hailing app’s operations manager for the city. “Amman is also quite tech savvy and the number of smartphones per capita is pretty high, so by launching cash we should be able to provide our service to a wide range of audience that appreciate a product like Uber.”

The trial was launched in late April for select riders. Tabaa said there had been “lots of interest” shown so far, particularly from students and young professionals with no access to credit cards, and older people who still prefer using cash.

Uber’s main ride-hailing rivals in Amman, Careem and Easy taxi, already offer the option to pay with cash. It’s not clear how long Uber’s trial period will last, but Tabaa said cash payments would be rolled out across the capital eventually.

Over recent years, Uber has experimented with cash payments in other developing markets, including cities in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.