Samsung Products for Ramadan

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Never miss a moment this Ramadan with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The first smartphone with dual-pixel technology is here to help you catch quick, quality photos in the dim lighting during a family Iftar with the fastest focus yet and a brighter, crisper final photo. The Quick Camera feature takes you straight to the camera so you can capture a few quick pics before returning to family and food. And with expandable memory giving you the option to insert an SD card easily, you’ll never run out of storage for all those family photos.

If you’re spending loads of time in the kitchen preparing delicious Iftar and Suhoor meals, you won’t have to worry about having your Galaxy S7 or S7edge too close to the ingredients, or the kitchen sink filled with water when looking up those recipes. Its certified dust- and water-resistance Ingress Protection rating means your device is completely protected against dust, and it is water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. So if it does wind up in the kitchen sink, it’s not a problem – just wipe it off and carry on preparing that delicious meal for your family.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Share your memories, wherever you go this Ramadan with the Galaxy TabPro S. Its sleek design, at 6.3 millimeters thin and weighing only 693 grams, means that you can keep it with you at all times. It is the first tablet, powered by Windows 10, to support LTE Cat 6 for the fastest and most advanced connected experience, so if you’re meeting friends after sundown, you can bond over great content and share the entertainment experience together. Equally, you can share your best snaps this Ramadan with family by connecting your Galaxy TabPro S to a larger screen and sharing the fun. Be to entertain with these family-friendly features during the most communal time of the year.

 Samsung Gear S2

Nothing takes you away from quality time with the family like a stream of notifications buzzing and beeping on your phone. With notifications at-a-glance, the Gear S2 keeps you dialed in during Ramadan festivities. Don’t stop the conversation to check a notification; instead, view calendar reminders, phone calls, and text messages with a single tap of the smartwatch screen.

Ensuring that you stay healthy during Ramadan should be a top priority. If you’re fasting this holy month, you can keep track of the most important conditions that can affect your body with the unique rotating bezel of the Gear S2. Check the weather conditions, including the hottest time of the day, track your heart rate during the daytime, and monitor water intake at Suhoor to prepare you for the fast ahead. 

Samsung SUHD TV

Experience Ramadan tales like never before with the SUHD TV’s lifelike detail and unprecedented quality. Coming soon to Dubai, the SUHD TV lineup brings remarkable viewing and sharing features. Quantum Dot Display technology of the SUHD TV makes all shades of accurate and lifelike colors on the TV screen to come alive, and its HDR 1000 feature enables you to see the sunlight in its full radiant glory and highlights the smallest details in the darkest shadows. Gather around the SUHD TV with those closest to you to watch your favorite Ramadan movies and series in vivid, brilliantly high quality.

In the spirit of storytelling of year’s passed, gather your family around the Samsung Smart TV this Ramadan and share in the entertainment experience together through content that you want to watch, when you want to watch it. With partnerships from players including beIN SPORTS CONNECT, SHAHID PLUS, and now Starz Play Arabia, there will always be interesting content on Samsung Smart TVs to entertain the whole family.

Samsung Wireless Audio 360

With wireless 360° speakers, bring the sweet spot to each area of the home. Using patented Ring Radiator technology, these speakers provide balanced sound that equally fills the room to deliver a vibrant and rich audio experience. Share this high-quality sound with those around you easily by engaging the intuitive touch on the speakers or controlling them from the Samsung Multiroom App which allows you to browse your library, play different music or movies in different rooms, or sync all of the speakers together for a unified experience.

Samsung Sound Bar

The new lineup of audio soundbars makes it possible to create a true surround sound system for your home. This Ramadan, provide a home theatre experience for your guests with a sound bar that produces powerful, balanced, detailed sound and coordinates perfectly with the Wireless Audio 360. Bring your family together this holy month with an extraordinary entertainment experience that can’t be beat.

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator

Hosting Iftar won’t ever be a problem with the Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator. Offering two independent cooling systems and ensuring odor clean frozen foods, fresh produce as well as frozen foods will stay fresher and tastier for longer. With a faster cooling speed and up to 70% internal humidity, fresh food lasts longer, which means that food waste is reduced. During the Holy month, there are a lot more visitors to the home – with 5 cooling modes, the Twin Cooling Plus enables you to turn the freezer into a fridge and maximize the space to accommodate a large family Iftar. Impress your family with your cooking skills with ingredients kept fresh and accessible in your Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator.

Samsung Addwash Front Load Washing Machine

When you come home after a late Iftar or Suhoor, you can still finish a load of laundry with the AddWash Front Load Washer. This Eco-Bubble powered Washing Machine has a smaller pull-down access door that allows you to conveniently add a forgotten garment, perhaps the one you wore to Iftar to a load even after the cycle has started. With Eco-bubble technology, you can save energy by doing cold water washes during Ramadan, while Super Speed technology, enables you to spend less time doing laundry and more time with the family.

Samsung Activ Dual Wash Top Load Washing Machine

Iftar meals can sometimes result in stains on your favorite delicates, with Samsung’s Activ Dual Wash Top Load Washer, you can pre-wash your delicates and wash them all in one place, without resorting to bathroom sinks and buckets. Featuring a built-in sink and a powerful water jet, the Activ Dual Wash machine helps you go the extra mile in pretreating your laundry, removing stains, and making sure everything comes out clean the first time. The machine also features Wobble Technology to gently cleanse and preserve fabrics with improved washing performance. Be prepared for your family’s messes this holy month with this innovative washing machine.

Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner

This year, Ramadan falls during the hottest time of the summer. Make sure to cool off with the Triangle Air Conditioner, the latest innovation focused on delivering power and style. Its inventive triangular architecture was well-designed to sway the most discerning tastes while ensuring maximum efficiency. Thanks to its wider inlet, bigger inner fan and enlarged outlet, air is cooled and expelled faster, almost instantly reaching every corner of your home. Each one of your guests will get their fair share of cool air with the Triangle Air Conditioner which maintains the desired temperature without frequently shutting on and off. So stay cool and save energy this Ramadan.