Relevant Network launched by MediaScope Holdings


The evolving requirements of advertisers in the emerging digital-driven economy in the Middle East & North Africa requires advanced performance-based service models.

Accordingly, Relevant Network is an affiliate marketing network and digital performance advertising company which delivers leads, sales, app installs and other performance-based solutions; and has successfully served leading clients in the fields of eCommerce, research, financial services, classifieds, gaming and more.

The company began its operations under the name “Levant Network” in 2013, with a focus at the time on premium display advertising, then added programmatic display services followed by affiliate marketing services. The company has now rebranded as ‘Relevant Network’ to signal its focus on these advanced performance services.

Zeid Nasser, founder of Relevant Network and Chairman of MediaScope Holdings said “Our clients pay-per-result, which is the next evolution in digital marketing services that we offer through a network of talented affiliate marketers and performance advertising specialists.”

“The fast-paced expansion in the region’s ecommerce sector is propelling growth in conversion-based services whereby clients pay for what they exactly want whether that is to obtain a lead or a registration, make a sale, acquire a mobile app download or other actions. Also, our programmatic display advertising services have achieved a higher level of value for brand advertisers, therefore a higher return on investment. Our focus for the past two years on these services has positioned Relevant Network as one of the leaders in these specialized fields,” he added.

Wedad Medra, part of the founding team and Director of Affiliate Management at Relevant Network, added that “we work with a network of hundreds of talented digital marketers from across the Arab World, who utilize our platform to deliver results to our clients and generate personal income for their efforts. This reflects a trend in freelance and part-time employment in the new digital economy. As Relevant Network has consistently grown, we have added more and more offers (client campaigns) on our platform and we are recruiting even more affiliates.”

Relevant Network is headquartered in Amman, serving clients across the globe and is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediaScope Holdings Inc. which is a publishing, events and digital media group established in 1994.