Multi-room Music

Want to stream music seamlessly throughout your home? Here are four of the best app-controlled, multi-room audio systems on the market.

By Laith Abou-Ragheb



Sonos sound system

Sonos has long been the go-to brand for multi-room audio streaming, mainly because their systems are so easy to set up and sound great. All you need to start building your network is the compact but powerful Play:1 speaker, before gradually adding other pieces of the kit, such as a subwoofer and soundbar. Sonos supports all major radio stations and paid-for streaming services, including Apple Music.

The Bottom Line: Sonos pioneered multi-room audio streaming, so expect a listening experience polished to perfection.

Price: From $200






Bose Sound system

Bose took its time before finally making a move into the multi-room streaming market. But the SoundLink system it finally came out with was well worth the wait, delivering the same high level of audio quality we’ve come to expect from the respected American manufacturer down the years. Build quality is typically top notch and the system supports all major paid-for streaming services and radio stations.

The Bottom Line: Existing fans of Bose audio gear will find much to enjoy in the Soundlink series.

Price: From $200







Raumfeld Sound system

In the world of multi-room systems, Raumfeld is very much the new kid on the block. Still, few systems can match the German company’s gear in terms of audio quality. The Raumfeld Connector, for instance, is a tiny box that can be hooked up to pretty much any existing music system that isn’t network enabled to allow it to stream Hi-Res music files and access Internet radio.

The Bottom Line: A great choice for discerning audiophiles everywhere. A bit on the pricey side, though.

Price: From $250







LG Music Flow

LG Music Flow Sound System

LG has a huge range of speakers on offer in its ever-expanding Music Flow multi-room audio universe. They range from the tiny H4 that can fit in the palm of your hand, all the way up to the lunking H7 that needs to be housed on a fairly sturdy surface. All the components have Google Cast built-in, so you easily can stream all your favorite tunes, radio stations, and podcasts directly from the apps you’ve already downloaded on your mobile.

The Bottom Line: An affordable introduction to the often-expensive world of multi-room audio.

Price: From $100