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The Hub Advertising Holds its Annual Labor Day Celebration

The Hub Advertising & Marketing held their annual Labor Day Celebration with full attendance from all management members and staff. This year’s celebration which was held last Saturday May 30, 2016, was distinguished by so many new and outstanding sports and entertaining activities that created an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy. Among the activities, there was a referendum to select the best division in the company. 4Mula Media headed by Mrs. Razan Batayneh won the voting. The spirit of honest competition and challenge was manifested by making 4 teams, each team in a different color, to start different exciting games at the end of which the velvet team won the grand prize and other teams were granted consolation prizes.

The Al Batayneh family represented by Dr. Ruba Batayneh, CEO of The Hub Advertising, Eng. Mufleh Batayneh, Vice President and Mrs. Razan Batayneh, Media and Production Manager hosted the celebration in their private villa at the Dead Sea where every one of them did the ultimate to make it a very special day in which employees were honored for their professionalism, dedication and hard work to achieve the goals.

Dr. Ruba assured that this celebration is a clear manifestation of solidarity between the management and the company staff besides being a way to show recognition and appreciation. Dr. Ruba added that this celebration is also a reminder to the noble values on which The Hub was based.
In conclusion, all participants expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to the members of the company’s management on this gesture, which is one of a series of initiatives undertaken by the company each year to strengthen the relationship and ties between all.