smart store

Orange opens its first Smart Store in Jordan

Orange Jordan recently inaugurated its first Smart Store in Jordan.

Following previous launches in Europe and Egypt, the Smart Store, a revolutionary idea in terms of preexisting telecommunications stores, is a hands-on, highly interactive store that promises to give its customers a unique retail shopping experience and to rethink and simplify the whole concept of customer journey at the shops to make it more friendly, efficient, and effortless. The Smart Store is designed with the customers’ interests in mind, designating a specific space of the store to each technology that Orange offers, allowing customers to interact with products on a hands-on level with a subtle combination of the warmth of human relations and digital power in a personalized experience.

Commenting on the occasion, Orange Jordan CEO Jérôme Hénique said, “Falling directly in line with our ambitions and objectives outlined in our Essentials 2020 strategy, the launch of our first Smart Store in Jordan and the biggest in the region, is truly a revolution in both the customer experience and how we present our products in our showrooms.

The Smart Store comes in a series of previous Orange Jordan achievements all elements of proof on customer experience transformation as perfectly aligned with its corporate strategy Essentials 2020, including major customers touch points enhancements, Elite shop renovation , brand refresh, introduction of nationwide 4G network coverage, and the launch of the all-new Orange lines.