Shake the Metal Sequel to be Launched by Tamatem

Shake the MetalImproved graphics, new cars and brand new music picked by users of previous Shake the Metal version.

Tamatem, the leading mobile games publisher in the MENA market launches a new mobile game, Shake the Metal Rush for iOS and Android users. Since its release end of last month, Shake the Metal Rush has received over 500,000 downloads on both Google Play and the App Store with almost 25,000 daily downloads.

Hussam Hammo, CEO of Tamatem, said: “Shake the Metal became successful because it reflects the culture of the Gulf, we designed and developed this game by the users and for the users.”

Shake the Metal Rush is the sequel to Shake the Metal, the ultimate highway drifting experience designed for racing, speed and drifting lovers which was launched late last year. The sequel features new cars, improved graphics, near miss drifting with incoming traffic, an English language option, driving camera options, and new traditional tracks picked by the users.