Moumayaz Launches Women-Only Taxi Service

Mirroring a fast growing global transport trend, Moumayaz has just launched a fleet of women-only taxis in Amman.

The 20  vehicles will have female drivers and can only be booked via the Moumayaz hotline, The Jordan Times reported.

“We are in the process of choosing women to train them and provide them with the necessary licenses. They will not drive around the capital; their jobs will be assigned through our call center,” said Moumayaz Chairman Eid Abu al Haj.

The service was welcomed by Ayman Smadi, director of transport and traffic at GAM. “It’s widely known that one of the main reasons for low female participation rates in the work force is the lack of adequate mobility, namely public transport. In the current state of public transport services, taxi services present a lifeline for female users,” he told Venture.

Smadi added the new taxis would also help provide women with safer options for travel around the city. “While we work on restructuring the taxi service, the idea of having dedicated female ​taxis operated by females provide a certain level of comfort for some women users,” he said.