Millennium Hotels & Resorts adopts Sky Software Hospitality Solutions

As a result of the success of Sky Software solutions at the 5-star hotels in the MEA region, Millennium Hotels & Resorts in Saudi Arabia have adopted Bayan Human Resources Management and FBM Food Beverage Materials Management systems.

Bayan HRMS was implemented with the objective of laying out a solid foundation for the hotel to manage their employee profiles, official documents and alerts, as well as to track employee attendance, leaves and vacations through the advanced timekeeping interface with HP3000 devices. The implementation phase also included activating Sun v.6 interface to import payroll vouchers automatically, and installing Bayan Workflow System to automate employee requests and approvals.

The implementation of FBM was carried out, providing the hotel with an automatic and streamlined workflow to manage the approval cycles for purchase orders and requisition requests in addition to providing full control over their inventory. Additionally, Millennium Hotels Hail has benefited from Sun BO interface to export the journal vouchers of purchases and internal consumptions automatically, and from Symphony interface to import sales on daily basis for sales costing and outlet stock control.