Del Monte Eyes Jordanian Farms

Del Monte, the giant American producer and distributor of canned fruits and vegetables, said it’s looking to buy farms in Jordan.

In a statement, Del Monte said it was planning to acquire farms in Jordan, as well as neighboring Saudi Arabia, as part of efforts to “expand its vertically integrated model aimed at establishing a quality process control for its expanding overseas market.”

Del Monte indicated it would reveal more details about its regional expansion plans at next month’s international Gulfood exhibition in Dubai.  “More than a specific product or service, we are excited to showcase our increasing involvement in regional farming operations, growing fresh produce on off-soil technologies as well as from the ground,” the company said. “We want to grow awareness of the fact that we are not only producers and distributors but also growers.”

The company added that its local-growing strategy is tied to rising demand within the food and beverage sector, particularly from more health consciousness consumers. “Del Monte is continuously launching new product categories and line extensions to match this growing demand. Our fresh-cut fruits and vegetable ranges satisfy today’s health and wellness-conscious consumers with a level of convenience that fits perfectly into their increasingly active lifestyles.”

Revenues for Del Monte, which is based in California and has 7,800 employees, reached almost $4 billion in 2014.