WFP Launches Donation App for Refugee Children

The World Food Programme (WFP) last month launched an app that allows users to donate money to help feed thousands of Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

Through the simple click of a button, users of the ShareTheMeal app have the option of donating as little as $0.50 to keep a child fed for a day, all the way up to $182.50 to sustain them for a whole year.

In the first five days following its November 12 launch, the app received 200,000 pledges, which will be enough to provide 450,000 meals, or 30 percent of the campaign target. “This is an innovative way of trying to connect those who can provide aid with those who need it most,” said WFP spokesperson Shaza Moghraby.

The release of the app comes at a time when the WFP and other relief organizations are struggling to find funds to cope with the region’s refugee crisis. The UN’s Syria regional response plan is only funded to around 35 percent of the $1.3 billion needed to support refugees. While in recent months, the WFP has warned it might be forced to suspend food assistance to refugees living in host communities in Jordan.