The Housing Bank Receives “The Banker” Magazine Award

Housing Bank

The Housing Bank received The Banker magazine award for “The Bank of the Year- Jordan 2015” , noting that The Banker magazine, which is a section of The Financial Times, is the leading news group concerned with providing news and analysis to global business and economy issues.

The award was declared at a ceremony held in London on Dec. 2nd with the attendance of managers and leaders representing the winning financial institutions from different countries around the world. The award is granted to only one bank in each country. In the attendance of a number of administrators and on behalf of The Housing Bank in Jordan, Mr. Al-Tarawnah, the vice president of the board of directors of The Jordan International Bank in London, received the award. It is worth mentioning that The Housing Bank owns 75 percent of the capital money of The Jordan International Bank in London.

The receiving and celebrating of The Banker award is a major event that all banks look forward to as the award introduces the best leading banks and financial institutions that receive it. The award is considered to be honorary a s well as it is a recognition on the part of the magazine’s directors’ board of the eminent achievements and successes accomplished by the bank through the year. In addition to that, the ceremony offers the senior banking and finance officials representing their banking and financial institutions the opportunity to meet and get better acquainted with each other.

The Housing Bank received The Banker award “The Bank of the Year” after it had met the conditions and qualifications which entitled the bank to attain the award such as: the bank’s distinguished performance, its leading role in the financial sector of Jordan, its ability to offer its customers ingenuous and innovative banking services which are of high quality in both the individuals and institutions sectors, and the bank’s efficient role in the field of social responsibility, and that in its turn indicates the solidity and integrity of the central financial office of the bank.

Professor Marto, Chairman of the Jordan International Bank, considered the ceremony as an opportunity for him to express his pride in the solidity of The Housing Bank Institution and to congratulate the bank on receiving the award. He also dedicated the award to the bank’s board of directors, its family of staff members (both officials and administrators) and to the bank’s customers as well for he believed that all of the three parties contributed in earning the award. He also noted that the bank has adopted further aspirant plans to develop information technology systems and to offer distinguished services to small and large enterprises besides the services the bank is already offering the large enterprises and the bank’s continuous effort in expenditure management and the reinforcement of customers’ service delivery network “ATM machines and sectors”.

Professor Marto ended his commentary on the major event of receiving “The Banker” award stating that the attaining of the award is an appreciation for the bank’s performance and achievements. In addition, he also said that the award should be a motivation/ stimulant for the bank to accomplish further achievements in different fields of banking and financial activities in order for the bank to maintain the high level of trust that its investors, contributors and customers (both applicants and borrowers) have built.