‘Tanamee’ Real Estate Development Officially unveil ‘Jenan Amman’ project

 Integrated residential suburb built in international standards in Jordan.

  • Project includes more than 500 villas in different models, apartments and dormitories to serve students
  • Projects built in three stages, each taking 18 months to finish

Tanamee launch press conference

Tanamee Real Estate Development Company of Jordan revealed its new ‘Jenan Amman’ project, which is an integrated residential suburb located at the Airport Road, 20 kilometers away from the Seventh Roundabout. The company organized a press conference to announce the project, attended by Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan Dr. Hamad Al-Duaij and the company’s General Manager Mr. Sulaiman Yousef Bin Jassem, and the company’s executive team.

Mr. Sulaiman Yousef Bin Jassem, General Manager of the company – that is wholly owned by Kuwaiti investors – said that launching Jenan Amman project was never possible without the support of His Royal Highness King Abdullah II of Jordan, represented by the support of his government led by Prime Minister Mr. Abdullah Ensour, who and his cabinet agreed to give Tanamee company necessary exceptions that allowed launching this ambitious project a reality. Bin Jassem expressed his gratitude for the support that he received from Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan Dr. Hamad Al-Duaij.

Meanwhile, Bin Jassem asserted that the company has finished the infrastructure works of the project, which is located over an estimated 204000 square meters area in the Qastal area near the Queen Alia International Airport. The project contains more than 500 villas built in different models, in addition to apartments and dormitories to serve students. It also includes 65 stores that serve the area’s residents and those in nearby areas.

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan Dr. Hamad Al-Duaij praised ‘Jenan Amman’ project and graciously donated to build a mosque in there, in addition to choosing a house from the project after 16 years of residence in Jordan.

The company plans to present initiatives to concerned authorities in the Kingdom in order to build a mosque, schools, medical center and other services that help revive the area surrounding the airport, Bin Jassem said.

Bin Jassem added that the project will be built in three stages, each taking 18 months to finish. The total cost of the project reaches 100 million Jordanian Dinars. The project creates thousands of job opportunities for Jordanians, and offers housing solutions that are far from the city congestions in prices that are affordable for a large category of citizens and residents in Amman, as villas prices will start from JD 145,000 per villa. Bin Jassem further indicated that the company is currently working on finding financing solutions for buyers in cooperation with local banks and financing institutions.

Meanwhile, Bin Jassem pointed out that the company will start marketing works on December 6, 2015, through a marketing campaign that starts in Amman then moves to Kuwait and then to other Gulf capitals, in order to give an opportunity for Jordanians in the Arabian Gulf to own a villa in the price of an apartment. Bin Jassem added that the project includes, in addition to its numerous competitive features, the opportunity for the buyer to build an extra floor or two, since the project’s lands, which are listed in the ‘C’ category, allows building four stories. However, Tanamee chose to build the basement, ground floor and first floor while giving villa owners the option to build second and third floors.

It is noted that Tanamee Real Estate Development Company was established in 2014. It is considered the first official framework for the special property projects finished by the company’s founders separately in 2011, and made up a nucleus for a promising start in the real estate development field which Tanamee is specialized in inside and outside Kuwait, offering clients a diverse collection of integrated property services.