Samsung Electronics Levant Holds Enterprise Business Forum

Samsung Electronics Levant held its first “Business Enterprise Forum” in Jordan for enterprise business and solutions, with the attendance of a network of its partners, customers, corporations and entrepreneurs, for two consecutive days at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman.

The first of its kind for Samsung Electronics Levant, the event gathered the growing society of developers and partners to learn more about the business solutions and services, highlighting Samsung’s Enterprise Business strategy in addition to Samsung Electronics’ success stories.

Mr. Bumsuk Hong, President of Samsung Electronics Levant, inaugurated the forum by welcoming all attendees, followed by presentations and live demos emphasizing on the range of business solutions in the various sectors: education, security, display, hospitality, and printers solutions, showcasing its full end-to-end business portfolio that covers diverse sectors. Each group is comprised of mobile devices, mobile device management solutions, Samsung SMART Signage displays, and printing solutions that come together to amplify business outcomes and meet business requirements, such as securing enterprise data or making the in-store experience come alive.

Mr. Bumsuk Hong stressed on Samsung’s keenness in offering the latest technologies to improve and serve corporate businesses and to offer simplified solutions for effective tasks accomplishment with minimum cost and effort. He also acknowledged the significance of this forum, Samsung’s first B2B forum in Jordan, for the new unique innovations and compatible solutions with business systems.

“This forum, with all these devices and developed solutions from Samsung, will accelerate innovations in various elements; such as business, corporations and education. Later on, these developments will become part of the daily lifestyle.” added Mr. Hong.

Printing Solutions

As a worldwide leader in semiconductor, telecommunications and digital convergence technologies, Samsung offers an intelligent range of printing solutions. Designed to integrate with various IT environments, Samsung printing solutions sustain the new collaborative, mobile paradigm of workplace printer usage with improved workflow efficiency. The result is a pure printing transformation with more powerful independent devices, open service and the ability to print from anywhere. Samsung has the perfect solution with outstanding hardware and customizable, flexible offerings for any business of any size. Backed by reliable performance, working non-stop regardless of the workload size.

Smart Education Technologies

Samsung’s new devices in the educational industry will help both teachers and students. Samsung schools; a total educational solution that integrates Samsung tablets with interactive software, allowing educators to easily connect with peers to learn new skills and to develop, share and discuss other ways to improve interactive education. Students can engage in the learning experience as well with their own tablets; they can see and take handwritten notes on the content that is also up on the large communal screen. Samsung’s high-impact, slim-form-factor SMART Signage helps schools deliver content more easily and shows the importance of interactive learning between pupils and their peers, teachers and other experts.

Security Solutions with KNOX

KNOX is Samsung’s defense-grade mobile security platform built into its newest devices. KNOX products enhanced this platform with enterprise management tools. It enables users to create a separate space on their devices for secure enterprise email and apps, away from personal, everyday apps. This separation allows IT admins to set security policies and manage enterprise data remotely, while allowing device owners to keep their personal life private.

Hospitality Solutions

Hotels compete each other in servicing the guests, therefor Samsung introduced hospitality solutions allowing the hotels to provide a seamless and personalized experience for every guest. By embedding technology—digital signage, tablets, etc.—into the entire guest journey, trademarks will differentiate their hospitality brand by delivering an impressive personalized experience that guests will remember long after their visit. Guests can check in while on their way to the hotel, and an app can give them a digital key for their room, giving them the ability to unlock their room door with a swipe of their mobile phone. Inside the room, the air-conditioning and ultra-efficient lighting can be pre-set to their preferred settings, while the TV can display a personalized welcome message. Their smartphones can also immediately connect to the Wi-Fi hub built directly into the TV.

Such solutions can contribute to enrich people’s experiences by expanding their imaginations to interact with the world in new ways; so entrepreneurs and business men can take their business to the next level and beyond with Samsung’s comprehensive range of innovative products and solutions.