Samsung Bids to Boost B2B Sales

In a marked shift away from its usual focus on consumer electronics, Samsung organized an event in Amman last month to show off its latest range of business products. Anood Haddad, the tech giant’s MENA regional marketing manager, said the sector is showing great potential.

Can you tell us more about this forum and what are some of Samsung’s new products that particularly target businesses?

We work hard to ensure that our offerings and their value come alive through our product demonstration and presentations. Samsung business solutions support the office space, enable the smart classroom, raise the level of customer care in hospitality, engage customers in the retail space, and address today’s enterprise mobility security challenges. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a hands-on approach.

Samsung is known for its B2C business in Jordan, particularly in the smartphones and tabs market. How important is this forum for Samsung to reach the business segment in the Kingdom?

Samsung has always been a consumer brand. We have started our enterprise business in Jordan only last year and the B2B space has been very promising for us here. Building on the success we had ever since we started, we timed the forum at this particular stage to continue raising awareness on our existing and new business products and solutions. This forum allows us to demonstrate that our heritage in consumer electronics is exactly what gives us our distinct advantage in the changing world of business. It also helps us demonstrate how Samsung is well positioned in the B2B mobility space.

What are businesses asking for in terms of new technology?

Today’s big trend is enterprise mobility. Staff demand to have the same convenience and power they have at home with their mobile devices, while CIOs are increasingly tasked with integrating mobility into the office. When enterprises make purchasing decisions, they are especially concerned with security, quality, and brand value. That’s why Samsung is able to help them address these concerns with our long history in mobility leadership.