Plaza Dental Center Inaugurated by Architect Abu Atwan and Dr Al-Momani

Architect Mohammed Awni Abu Atwan has recently finished one of his spectacular projects: the Plaza Dental Center (owned by Dr. Ayham Al-Momani) in Swefieh, Amman.

Dr. Ayham welcomed his customers and VIP guests, journalists and media invitees as well as professionals and public figures in a cocktail reception event

He introduced the remarkable center to the invitees and highlighted the achievements in this project, as the project combines creative design, elegance and high quality standards.

Plaza dental

Dr. Ayham Al-Momani (Left) and Architect Mohammed Abu Atwan (Right)

Dr. Ayham also went on to mention that this is a full integrated center for dental care specialty equipped with different clinics and laboratories according to the latest and the best in the profession, to treat all different dental cases.

Architect Abu Atwan emphasized on the importance of the design, as the design of the center combines between modern and classic styles (post-modern style), in addition to the consistency of colors, giving a comfortable atmosphere for patients and doctors.