ArabiaWeather to Fund Expansion With $7 Million Investment

ArabiaWeather, Jordan’s popular privately-owned weather website, recently raised $5 million in funding that will be used to fund a major expansion drive.

Mohammed al Shaker, ArabiaWeather’s founder and CEO, said the investment deal was led jointly by Silicon Badia and Wamda Capital, while the founding investor Jabbar Internet Group and Dash Ventures also participated.

Al Shaker believes the recent investment, in addition to the $2.1 million that the company secured earlier this year, would prove vital for the growth of his website, which received 35 million visitors this year, and business in general. “This round of funding is important for the company to continue the expansion in both sides of the business—business and consumers in the Middle East—and to further invest in the unique weather technology that we own,” he told Venture.

On the enterprise side, ArabiaWeather will further invest in developing integrated industry-specific solutions for businesses that are particularly affected by weather conditions, including aviation, marine, oil and gas, agriculture, insurance, and retail, in the Middle East. On the consumer side, ArabiaWeather’s mobile application tops the company’s investment agenda in the coming months. “Given this priority, ArabiaWeather has plans to expand its video coverage, content, and launch new features that will help in crowdsourcing the weather,” al-Shaker said. “We believe that we will be the largest weather company in the Middle East and North Africa.”

He added that the company, which operates in the Arab world with particular focus on the Gulf, will also invest in upgrading its weather technology and algorithms. This includes an extensive network of automatic weather stations across the region that serve as the backbone for ArabiaWeather’s products and services.