Estarta Solutions sponsors “Greenlight for Girls” in partnership with Cisco Systems

Estarta Solutions sponsored the Greenlight for Girls (“g4g”) initiative in its second annual Jordanian day with its strategic partner Cisco Systems. “Greenlight for Girls” is an initiative that aims to support and encourage girls from the age of 11 through the age of 15 to pursue STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – in their studies and careers by introducing them to these fields in fun and exciting ways.

Held in the Amman Baccalaureate School on October 10, 2015, the initiative hosted 150 girls from 7 public and private schools in Amman with the support of a group of volunteers from the local community. The initiative’s Organizing Committee from Estarta worked closely with a member of g4g’s Consulting Board, Ms. Aurelia Takacs (also a Regional Manager with Cisco Systems) to drive this initiative for the second year in a row. Estarta volunteers participated in several roles including coordination, organization and delivering workshops in Networks and Telecommunications, one of the Information Technology and Telecommunication fields that Estarta is a specialist in.

Estarta Solutions’ Chairman, Mr. Leith M. Masri, commented on Estarta’s enthusiastic support for the initiative, saying: “We take great pride in extending Estarta’s commitment to excellence from our company into service for our community. We view this initiative as a unique opportunity to develop interest in and affinity to technical disciplines among girls in Jordan. We want to share our passion at Estarta Solutions for these STEM subjects and specifically to connect our female workforce with the community to provide role models for young girls who may be interested in similar careers later in life. Estarta hopes to be sponsoring this initiative for many years to come.”

Estarta Solutions’ Chief Executive Office, Dr. Mutaz H. Nabulsi, added: “This initiative comes as part of Estarta’s social responsibility and commitment to give back to the community by participating in developing girls and directing them in their future studies and careers; hoping further that this initiative can contribute to increasing female participation in Jordan’s knowledge economy. Women comprise 41% of Estarta’s workforce and we aspire to increase this ratio to reach half of our workforce, with the belief that this participation rate can be replicated at many other companies and across the country, especially in STEM-related ventures”.

Ms. Aurelia Takacs commented on the initiative’s success that “g4g Jordan came about as a dream I had in 2014 to inspire young girls in Jordan to consider STEM studies and careers, and I am happy to see now my dream has become a reality for a second year in a row! Thanks to our amazing organizing committee made up of Estarta Engineers Rana Itani, Roya Hatamleh and Rania Halabi, and to our volunteers and sponsors. We look forward to making this an annual success story and to continue inspiring the future generation of female STEM leaders in Jordan”.

The initiative was also sponsored by several leading organizations in Jordan, including the King Abdullah Fund for Development (KAFD), Cisco NetAcademy, Jordan Education Initiative, Microsoft, Roya TV, Pharmacy One and others.