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The Green Issue

The Rush for Renewable Energy

Jordan plans to achieve energy independence with the help of cutting-edge renewable power projects.


Going to waste: Recycling in Jordan

A new government strategy aims to introduce a nationwide recycling program. What chance does it have of success?


Sun Shines on Jordan’s EV Dream

With a plan to build thousands of solar-powered charging stations, the Kingdom is gearing up to embrace the electric car.


Zorba: Growing Green

How Zorba is transforming the way food is farmed in Jordan.


Executive Interview

Future Fuels

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ibrahim Saif on Jordan’s renewable energy drive.


The Economist

The Refugee Crisis: Don’t Forget Jordan

While the media spotlight focuses on the refugee crisis in Europe, the economic burden on Jordan is growing.

By Khalid W. Wazani


The Analyst

Banking Sector Ripe for Consolidation

The Central Bank should encourage more consolidation in Jordan’s overpopulated banking sector.

By Jawad J. Abbassi


Media and Society

The Case for a Complaints Commission

Why an ombudsman is needed to handle complaints against the media.

By Osama Al Sharif


Hot Wheels
An Innovative Executive
The high tech Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid is set to revolutionize the Infiniti brand.
By Ghaith Madadha