Best of IFA 2015

There was a huge range of interesting gadgets and gizmos on display at this year’s IFA, Europe’s biggest technology show. Here are four that caught our eye.

By Laith Abou-Ragheb


Samsung SleepSense

Samsung SleepsenseThis inconspicuous-looking device slides under your bed and tracks your movements while you sleep. It then produces a detailed report of your sleep patterns and offers advice on how you could be getting a better night’s slumber. The SleepSense also has a clever Bluetooth feature that integrates it with other smart home appliance, which means it can switch off your TV when it senses you’re dozing off.

The Bottom Line: If counting sheep isn’t working for you, then Samsung’s SleepSense just might. Price: $TBA



HTC Vive

HTC ViveWe’ve been repeatedly promised for years that the virtual reality revolution was just around the corner, only to discover it wasn’t. But it now seems truly convincing that VR technology is finally becoming, well, a reality. For evidence look no further than this headset HTC created in conjunction with online game maker Valve. It claims to offer a genuinely immersive 360-degree experience without the annoying motion sickness associated with the clunking VR headsets of yesteryear.

The Bottom Line: With the Vive, consumer VR has finally come of age. Price: $TBA


Acer Revo Build




You don’t often find tech companies attempting anything innovative when it comes to PC design. So hats off to Acer for producing the Revo Build which allows you to build your own computer, Lego style. The core base unit, which houses the CPU and motherboard, can have a host of additional units stacked upon it that contain everything from additional hard drives and ports, to speakers and extra memory.

The Bottom Line: A real modular marvel. Price: $225






Polaroid Snap

polaroidsnapJust when you thought the smartphone had long consigned film photography to the tech bin of history, along comes Polaroid with a new coolly retro instant camera. This 10 megapixel pocket-sized snapper spits out 2X3 inch photo prints in just under a minute. It also features a Micro SD card slot that holds up to 32 GB worth of pictures that can then be uploaded to a computer, cloud service or social media platform.

The Bottom Line: The Polaroid Snap succeeds in wrapping up old and new photography technology into one fun package. Price: $99