What’s up with Whatshudoin?

Luai Masri is the founder and CEO of Whatshudoin, a new social media app that allows users to interact based on the way they feel.

How is Whatshudoin different to other social media apps?

Whatshudoin is a complete mood-focused platform. What we are working to build is a platform that users go to when they want to know how their friends and the people they track are feeling at all times. Everyone feels different during the day and this is the place to document that.

The platform is not about opinions, link sharing, or news posts, it is all about people and how they feel.

Also, Whatshudoin is the first platform that shows results about people who feel the same way you do now. So when you feel bored and post that using the app, the platform will allow you to see who else is feeling the same, which guides to better communications, interactions, and planning.

Where did the app start and where are you present now?

Whatshudoin started as a Jordanian company at first, and then expanded to Silicon Valley to have its place within the US market and the business culture. But for sure we have many plans to open more offices and maybe move others according to the business journey we’re witnessing. At the end of the day, these decisions are taken according to what’s best for the business and value behind each market.

What about the business environment in Jordan?

I believe that there is much that can be done within the business environment in Jordan, and I am so confident that supporting startups and small businesses would make a radical change to the economy, employment, and even education.

How is the startup environment in Silicon Valley different from that in the region and do you think there’s enough support for entrepreneurs here?

I can say that the region is starting to see some interesting ideas and support channels for entrepreneurship. Unfortunately I cannot compare that to what I’ve seen in Silicon Valley, which is okay considering that we are comparing something that has just started in our region to the already established and proven ecosystem here in the Bay Area and San Francisco. What you see in Silicon Valley is not even like anything else in other US states.

The trick is all about previous experiences and culture. Here in Silicon Valley startups and risk taking is nothing new to businesses, it is something that started many many years ago and now is translated into a culture. Startups are close to investors and many funding channels. Dreamers and founders are risking everything to reach their goals, and people are traveling from all over the world to take part in this interesting environment by investing, joining companies, or establishing new ones. So I can say that what we are witnessing in our region is the beginning of an ecosystem that wasn’t available years ago, but that can’t be compared to the Valley yet.