Health and Fitness Apps

Want to keep on top of your health but don’t know where to start? These four health and fitness apps will help keep you fit and healthy, and ready to deal with any medical issues that come your way.

By Jane Hosking




Through this Arabic-language app, you can ask medical questions and receive answers from more than 7,000 doctors and health specialists from across the Arab world for free. The app is linked to a medical encyclopedia that offers comprehensive information about diseases, symptoms, medications, and treatments. Users can also use the app to search for doctors, hospitals, and view videos about medical issues.

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone, Android




hikma app

This app from Hikma Pharmaceuticals gives you detailed information about medications, including dosage information, side effects, and drug interactions. The app also features a symptom checker to help you work out what might be causing your aches, pains, or illness. As well as this, the app gives you quick and easy access to your health records, and can even remind you when to take your medication and when your next doctor’s appointment is.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android




Runkeeper App

There’s no better way to stay healthy than to exercise and get fit, and while it’s been around for a while, Runkeeper is still one of the best apps to keep you on track with your fitness goals. Whether you’re running, walking, cycling, skiing, working out at the gym, or even rowing, Runkeeper uses your phone’s GPS tracker to track metrics like distance and calories burned. So if you’re just starting out on an exercise routine or if you’re training for a marathon, Runkeeper will help you track your progress and follow a training plan that works for you.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android




Myfitnesspal app

This calorie counter and diet tracker is one of the best ways to monitor your health and lose weight. MyFitnessPal allows you to quickly enter in your daily food intake either manually or by using the app’s barcode scanner, which recognizes over 4 million barcodes. By knowing how many calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and cholesterol you are consuming, you will be able to make healthier food choices. MyFitnessPal also allows you to enter in whatever exercise you do so that you can see how many calories you’re burning. The app can even be linked up to other health apps, such as Runkeeper, to make this step even easier.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone