Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride-hailing apps are becoming increasingly popular in Jordan, and there are now more options than ever to get you where you want to go. Here are three of our favorites.

By Jane Hosking




Uber is the latest ride hailing service to be launched in Amman. Payment is automatic through the app, which is connected to your credit card. While their fares are more expensive than a yellow taxi, some are willing to pay more for what Uber says is a higher quality of service. Also, when it comes to trips between Amman and the airport, Uber’s rate of JD15, actually beats its competitors, which generally charge JD20-25.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

Price: A minimum fare of JD2, base fare of JD0.70, and JD0.16 per kilometer. The fare is paid automatically via credit card.

Easy Taxi


Ever find yourself stranded in a secluded area of the city where no taxis are passing by? In situations like these, a simple tap of a button using Easy Taxi allows you to hail the nearest yellow taxis to your location using your phone’s GPS. Once a driver has accepted the offer to come and pick you up, Easy Taxi provides a countdown as well as a map location of the taxi so you can track your ride in real-time. You can even give your driver a call through the app to make sure they’re actually on their way.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

Price: A fee of JD0.50 is to be paid on top of the amount shown on the taxi’s meter in cash.



Careem, like Uber, is new to Amman and similarly provides a private car booking service as opposed to hailing a yellow cab. Available only in the MENA region, so far Careem allows its customers to hail a ride immediately or schedule one for later. Unlike Uber, Careem also provides its customers with the option of paying in cash or automatically via a credit card linked to the app account. A nice little offer with Careem is the ‘Airport Promise.’ What this means is that in the case that your ride arrives late for your airport drop-off by more than five minutes, the company will provide you with a free drop-off to the airport, as long as you have booked it at least two hours in advance.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

Price: A minimum fare of JD2, and JD0.30 per kilometer. The fare can be paid in cash or automatically via credit card.