Sky Software Powers Burgu Arjaan & Tango Arjaan


Sky Software is excited to announce the successful implementations of its hospitality solutions at BurguArjaan and Tango Arjaan by Rotana in Istanbul Turkey. The projects are the first implementations for Sky Software to take place in Istanbul.

BurguArjaan and Tango Arjaan by Rotana have benefited from Bayan Human Resources Management System (Bayan HRMS),which made it easier for the HR department at the hotels to handle employee profiles and official documents while being able to track and access employee attendance, leaves and vacations records through Bayan Timekeeping interface with their attendance device. Another interface will be activated between Bayan HRMS and Logo Payroll system to enable the automatic import of HR information, transactions and attendance details.

The project has also included a full installation of Horizon Quality Management System (Horizon QMS), providing the hotels with optimal tools to optimize their services and efficiently handle employee requests. SMS notifications were also enabled to allow the instant and flexible communication between hotel management and staff regarding guest requests. Moreover, Horizon Interactive Voice Response System (Horizon IVR) was successfully implemented, providing the users with the ability to access Horizon QMS system (assign, finish or cancel work requests) by dialing the IVR number and follow its standard voice-guided steps.

Moreover, BurguArjaan and Tango Arjaan by Rotana have benefited from the advanced features in FBM Food Beverage Materials Management System, which enabled them to automatically handle their purchasing and requisition cycles, stores cost control, inventory and recipe management.