The “Ktir Salbe Show” at the Landmark Hotel During Ramadan


As part of their Ramadan program this year, Landmark Amman Hotel and Conference Center announced during a press conference yesterday that it will be hosting the Lebanese satire comedy “Ktir Salbe Show” at their Royal Hall directly after Iftar.

Performed by a group of well-known Lebanese comedians (Fady Charbel, Dolly El Helou, Joanna Karaky, Hussein Mokaddem and Elias Rahi) the “Ktir Salbe Show” offers comic interpretations of real life situations, and tackles hot-button social issues in sketches that cover a range of topics relevant to Arabs at large, and Jordanians and Lebanese audiences in particular.

Speaking at the press conference, the show’s producers Nabil Assaf and Jiscar Lahoud thanked Landmark Amman Hotel for their generous hospitality saying “We immediately accepted Landmark’s offer to perform during Ramadan this year, especially since we had a great experience last year with the Jordanian audience. This year’s show is sure to be one of the best shows available during the month of Ramadan”.

A portion of proceeds from this year’s Ramadan activities at Landmark will go in favor of the World Food Programme (“WFP”), an initiative to fight hunger which Landmark has partnered with for the second year during Ramadan. In addition to the play being held in cooperation with the WFP, the performance is sponsored by Zain, FINE, Pepsi, Carolina, Alissar Flowers, Coffee City, Layali Amman, Roya TV and Sawt el-Ghad Radio.

Mr. Ibrahim Karajeh, General Manager of Landmark Amman, commented saying: “In line with our continuous efforts to offer excellent entertainment and service, and after popular demand from our guests, we are glad to host the Ktir Salbe Show for the second year in a row during Ramadan; where our guests can break their fast with mouthwatering international cuisine while being entertained by the best in show business”.