Marketing Software Tools

Having a tough time juggling managing customers, closing sales, and analyzing marketing campaigns? These three marketing software tools can help you target customers better to improve sales and ensure your company’s success.

By Jane Hosking



Instead of interrupting customers, Hubspot is designed to attract them. This inbound approach to marketing software turns your website and product into a magnet using just one platform. Hubspot includes tools to help you create content and blog posts, optimize it for search engines, and share it via social media. It also has tools for email marketing, creating landing pages, and data analytics. All together, this works to convert site visits into sales. While intuitive, it can take a little while to learn the ropes of Hubspot. But once you’ve got the hang of it, Hubspot is an amazing marketing tool, as long as you’ve got the cash to fund it.


Price: Plans from $200 a month and a free one month trial period

Features: 4

Usability: 3

Salesforce Service Cloud


Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the most widely used Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) by sales, service, and marketing professionals. Not only does it help you manage your customer accounts, track sales, and monitor marketing campaigns, but it also allows you to collaborate better within your team. Salesforce’s analytics are incredibly effective in predicting sales cycles and learning customer behavior, all of which are very helpful for both sales teams and managers.


Price: Plans from $25 a month and a free one month trial period

Features: 4

Usability: 5



MailChimp is a powerful email-marketing tool, which helps you target customers better by sending automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences. To create more effective marketing campaigns, MailChimp cleverly captures your email engagement data, showing you who has received an email when they opened it, and the exact links that they clicked on in the email. MailChimp provides email designs that aren’t only sleek and creative, but also easy for your subscribers to share your campaign via social media. How many shares, retweets, and likes you receive are analyzed so that you can keep track of the reach and success of your campaigns. If you are using MailChimp to market a product you will even be able to track your sales from the first URL click to the point of purchase.


Price: Free for limited features and plans from $10 a month

Features: 5

Usability: 4