Going Electric

This year’s World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea saw the signing of several agreements, including an MoU with manufacturers of electric cars that aims to encourage their use in the Kingdom.

A statement from the Royal Court said an agreement with Tesla, BMW, and Renault will see a gradual adoption of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles in the public sector.

Supporting this move and making it possible is Manaseer Group, which manages several gas stations across the country. It will offer supercharge services for electric vehicles at various gas stations throughout Jordan as a CSR initiative, said the statement.

To promote the car, Tesla had some of its vehicles at the WEF to allow the forum’s participants to experience the car. It is still, however, unclear if and when the car will be sold commercially in the Kingdom.

Mercedes Benz has also announced its intention to launch its electric car models in Jordan then across the rest of the Middle East.