Finance Apps

Keep your money matters in order with the help of these sophisticated but easy-to-use finance apps.

By Jane Hosking


ExpensifyIf you’re a frequent business traveler or constantly accruing business-related expenses, then Expensify is for you. This simple and intuitive finance app keeps track of your expense receipts by capturing receipt images and managing reports. Not only will it make life easier for you, but for your admin staff as well.

Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone
Price: Free


FreshbooksFreshbooks is a nifty cloud-based accounting app for small businesses. It helps you manage your invoices and expenses, and can keep track of your clients and projects. It’s simple to use, while at the same time it includes many basic bookkeeping features useful for small businesses or independent contractors.

Available on: Android and iOS
Price: Free for limited features and plans from $29.95 per month

Roambi Analytics

RoambiThis business intelligence finance app takes raw business data and transforms it into simple and engaging graphs to help you understand your figures better. The app also allows you to upload data from Excel spreadsheets and other data sources.

Available on: iOS and Android
Price: Free for the lite version



Hours Tracker

Untitled-r1Hours Tracker turns your iPhone into a timesheet, allowing you to clock in and out from not just one project, but many. This clever little app automatically calculates your hours and your pay according to the details you enter. It’s not only great for freelancers and contractors, but also employees who are paid by the hour and want to anticipate what their next paycheck will be.

Available on: iOS
Price: Free for limited features.