The Hub Participates in IKEA’s Communication Workshop

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In an unprecedented initiative, a group of marketing and communications experts from agencies handling IKEA account in Jordan, Kuwait and Morocco were invited for a one-week comprehensive communications workshop that was carried out in different IKEA locations in Sweden and Denmark. The workshop, organized, executed and supervised by IKEA’s Marketing Director IKEA- SYH Retail- Kuwait Elisa Albendea, focused on helping the participants to understand the IKEA Brand and the strong values that are founded in the Swedish origin of the brand and included, but not limited to, group discussions, brainstorming and field visits to different showrooms, stores, products testing lab, IKEA’s museum, photo shoot studio and IKEA’s first showroom in Älmhult, the birthplace town of Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA.

Miss Elisa Albendea, Marketing Director, and Mr. Salam Abu Saleh, Marketing Manager of IKEA Jordan, both not only organized but also participated on the discussions and the workshops to ensure the partners understanding of the brand and secure a long and fruitful relationship with their partners. Finally, besides being an informative trip, there was so much of fun and leisure time to spend with lovely people and to get to know Sweden, its typical food, and the IKEA culture better.