Setting Sail for Luxury

The Dubai International Boat Show is a highlight of the international boating calendar. Whether you’re buying or just there to browse, the five-day show provides an experience like no other.

By Jane Hosking

While only a short flight away, the sunshine, blue skies, and warm ocean breeze at the twenty-third Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) felt like a world away from Amman. We took a tour of the annual show last month to check out the massive array of luxury yachts, jet skis, and water sports equipment.

With the exclusive Dubai International Marine Club as its venue, DIBS attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s no wonder so many people come; the show itself is a boat-lover’s paradise and Dubai is renowned for being the epitome of luxury and the home of the high-life.

We took in the best sights of the show with a boat tour around Palm Island. Out on the water the striking city skyline could be seen rising up over the white-sanded beaches. Luxury hotels lined the coast with their rows of green gardens and palm trees. People lazed by the beach soaking up the sun as boats cut their way through the water.

Back on the dock, taking a tour of the superyachts was like walking into water-borne mansions. With their sleek, luxurious designs, and spacious entertainment areas, there can be no doubt that these yachts are the ultimate water toy.

A particular favorite of the motored superyachts on display was the Majesty 122 from UAE boat maker, Gulf Craft. At 37.5 meters in length, this vessel is larger than most homes. It boasts a dining room, balcony, multiple entertainment spaces on deck, and a compartment to store your jet skis. The yacht’s kitchen is sleek and modern and the bedrooms are impressively large. It’s hard to believe you’re in a boat at all until you’re up on deck or in the striking red steering room.

In all aspects, the Majesty 122 effectively combines both the comforts of home and the elegance of a world-class superyacht. It’s little wonder that owning such a boat would set you back by almost $10 million.

For those who preferred a more intimate experience with the sea, jet skis and sailing boats, along with fishing equipment and diving gear were also on display. And just to make sure that all bases were covered, DIBS featured a supercar promenade; with the hottest sports cars Dubai could muster.

After having enough time out on the water and wandering through the most lavish superyachts we could find, there was nothing better than to enjoy a cool drink in the shade by the glistening ocean water, leaving us in no doubt that there are few better places to escape Jordan’s chilly winter weather than Dubai during its impressive international boat show.