The Hub Receives Pikasso d’Or Award


During the annual Pikasso d’Or ceremony held on the 23rdof March 2015 and organized by Pikasso Jordan,The Hub agency received the bronze Pikasso d’Or award within the Networks Category. The ceremony took place at “Four Seasons” Hotel and it was attended by a number of leading advertising agencies, clients, media representatives and VIPs in Jordan.

The Pikassod’Or awards honor the highest standards of creativity that was displayed throughout the Pikasso outdoor networks during the year 2014. It is worth noting that this award was launched in Lebanon in 1988.

The Hub also received a trophy in recognition of participating in the “Network of Hope” campaign that was launched by Pikasso Jordan for all advertising agencies through which each one expressed their vision of hope. Mr. Bien Alambra, the Creative Director, received the trophy on behalf of The Hub agency.

Speaking about the award, Dr. Ruba Batayneh, CEO, said: “It is no secret that we used to reserve one place at least every year in Pikasso d’Or ceremony. We are proud to be sharing top ranks on the list of leading advertising names; thanks to our dedication and excellence. The awards received will boost our energy to always make a difference in a world that knows no limits.