Samsung Gets Connected

The Internet of Things took center stage at this year’s Samsung MENA Forum, the mammoth annual event where the Korean tech giant unveils its product lineup for the coming year.

Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa President Choong Ro Lee told delegates that by 2020, all Samsung devices would be web-connected, with their Smart TVs acting as the central hub of every smart home. He also said that Samsung is committed to developing an open ecosystem that communicates with other brands.

In terms of products, Samsung announced new devices in four main categories: TV and speakers, digital appliances, monitors and printers, and cameras. It introduced an extensive range of SUHD TVs powered by the Tizen operating system. The curved displays boast 64 times more color expression and 2.5 times more brightness than conventional TVs. The screens are complimented by Curved Soundbar speakers and omni-directional speakers that project sound in a 360 degree radius. In the realm of entertainment, Samsung is bolstering high quality content in the region by launching SHAHID, a video on demand service, as well as supporting Go by OSN.

In terms of digital appliances, the electronics giant is launching improved robot vacuum cleaners, a new lineup of air conditions that can be controlled remotely via WiFi, and premium kitchen appliances approved by a consortium of Michelin-starred chefs. Their ActivDualWash washing machine was also a highlight. It came with a built-in sink with a water jet on the top of the washing machine, which was a simple, yet innovative solution to laundry pre-treatment and pre-wash.

Samsung will also be introducing the first multi-function printers equipped with Android operating systems. This enables a smart office to print immediately via the cloud, or through NFC, without the need for a PC.

Also unveiled at the forum was Samsung’s new NX500 camera, capable of 4K and UHD video recording and UHD curved monitors, which the electronics giant claims provides a more comfortable viewing experience on the eyes. The only lackluster segment from the forum was the smartphone lineup, which Samsung is saving for the Mobile World Congress, where it will introduce the much-anticipated Galaxy S6.