Jordan’s Top Businesswomen

Succeeding in Jordan’s business world can be tough, and doubly so if you happen to be a woman. For this edition of Venture, we decided to feature some of the remarkable women that managed to climb to the top of the corporate ladder in their respective fields, and blazed a trail for other women in a society still dominated by men in many ways.

Even though Jordanian women now by and large get equal access to education, they still only make up around 14 percent of the workforce. The private sector is a significant contributor to Jordan’s economy. But one voice is largely missing among Jordanian business leaders in particular, and the workforce in general: that of women. Our list is by no means comprehensive. But we chose these businesswomen in particular because they have played a pivotal role in either building their companies, or steering their companies into new directions.

Most of those we spoke to have managed to succeed while also maintaining successful family life. This, many of them said, wouldn’t have been possible without a support system that included mothers, mother-in-laws, and, perhaps most importantly, understanding partners.

Most also stressed that the traits that used to be held against them, such as emotional intelligence, are now virtues that they employ to create better workplaces. They also called on other women to be career-driven and believe in their capabilities to make it to the boardrooms of Jordan.


Articles in the series of Jordan’s Top Businesswomen:

Doha Abdelkhaleq

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Iman Mutlaq

Coming soon:

Mary Nazzal

Nadia Shahin