Apps to Boost your Productivity

By Jane Hosking

Being at your productive best can be a challenge, especially if you work in a fast-paced and high-pressure line of work. Here are five apps to help you become more organized and efficient.




There’s nothing like a good ‘to do list’ app to help you get organized, and Wunderlist is one of the best around. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also packed with helpful features, such as the ability to create multiple lists, set reminders, prioritize your most important tasks, and even share lists for collaboration with others.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, and the desktop


Ever feel like you’re drowning in an email backlog? Mailbox is the answer to your troubles. With its redesigned inbox, Mailbox is mobile-friendly and allows you to easily swipe messages to your archive and snooze them so they will return to your inbox automatically when you choose. What’s more, Mailbox gets smarter as you use it, adapting to what you want it to do.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android, and OSX



This clever little app is a combination of a ‘to do list’ and a calendar which aims to help you not only remember events, but also to develop better habits. It does this by tracking your progress of sticking to your calendar and by learning your behaviors to help you change for the better. Timeful also connects seamlessly with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and others so that your scheduled events will appear on your shared calendars as ‘busy.’

Price: Free
Available on: iOS



If you’re set on self-improvement but aren’t quite sure where to start, then Reporter is going to be your new best friend. With a few randomly timed surveys each day, this unique app generates stats behind your habits to illuminate aspects of your life that would have previously been hard to measure. By transforming your life into numbers, you can see what areas you need to work on.

Price: $4.99
Available on: iOS

Sleep Cycle


Ever woken from a deep sleep to your blaring alarm clock and felt sluggish and unproductive for the rest of the day? Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns by monitoring movements on your bed to wake you during your lightest sleep phase. Not only does this app help you to wake up feeling fresh and ready to go, but it also provides a graph of your night’s sleep and a percentage of your sleep quality which, other than being fascinating, can help you work on your sleep habits so you can function better during the day.

Price: $0.99
Available on: Android and iOS