Abu Shakra Launches Luminox Watches in Jordan

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Like many other American success stories, Luminox came from a forward-thinking individual realizing a need in the market and meeting it. Barry Cohen had been in the fashion watch business for quite some time when he came across a Swiss self-powered illumination system and knew that it would make watches more visible and easier to read in low or no light situations. As a result, Cohen decided to launch a watch brand that would employ this unique enabling technology. He asked his friend Richard Timbo if he would like to join him in this endeavor and the two established the company in 1989. Cohen researched Latin for a name that defined the technology and the Luminox name was conceived -Lumi is Latin for light while Nox is Latin for night.

The Luminox Light Technology makes Luminox watches Always Visible – in fact, the technology Luminox uses provides 24/7 luminosity, no matter the conditions, up to 25 years. All Luminox watches are Swiss Made, produced by Luminox’s corporate partner, Mondaine Watch Company, one of the leaders in Swiss manufacturing. Luminox will continue to combine cutting edge technology, forward-thinking design and extreme performance. Luminox delivers, when and where it counts.