Umniah Adopts the Internet of Things

1 UControl

As part of its commitment to keeping abreast of latest global trends in the field of ICT and transformation towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication to serve customers, Umniah announced, and for the first time in Jordan, the launch of a new service enabling intelligent remote control and automation of electrical devices at homes or offices.

The new service enables users to remotely manage and monitor electrical appliances at homes or offices including lighting systems, heating and air conditioning systems and security systems via smartphones or computers.

The announcement was made during a press conference at Umniah’s Innovation Center “The Tank” at King Hussein Business Park, where it launched the service called “UControl” that enables Internet broadband subscribers who are connected through any internet service provider, via an integrated system, to remotely control appliances and electrical devices whether at homes or offices through a mobile application over their smart phones or a web access through their personal computers from anywhere and at anytime.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, commented on the occasion saying: “Since the start of its operations in Jordan, Umniah has been always keen on providing latest and advanced telecom services and added-value services by utilizing its advanced Internet broadband network including this service. The new service enables users to remotely control electricity systems, air conditioning and security systems at home or office at all times and from anywhere.”

“During the next few years, we expect a rise in the introduction and usage of such advanced and innovative services that are based on machine-to-machine communication. We at Umniah will be the first to launch such services,” said Hinnawi.

Umniah’s Director of Marketing Omar Al Omoush said: “The launch of this unprecedented service in the local market is a significant step for the company and the sector as it is a new form of broadband-based services and mobile applications. This service falls under the category of machine-to-machine (M2M) or what is globally called the Internet of Things, which entails the communication between machines to provide useful information to users. Providing such a service enables users to efficiently manage appliances at home, which reduces costs and spending on energy.”

The Internet-based service, which operates through Z-Wave and ZigBee wireless communication technology, provides users with the ability to remote control devices. The system consists of a main gateway in addition to small wireless peripheral control devices that are easily installed and connected to the electrical appliances that users seek to remotely control. The system incorporation in homes or offices is a plug and play, which does not require any additional connections or wiring whether at homes or offices.

From his side, Ramez Kawar, General Manager of LivingTech, the providers of the smart home solution hardware, commented: “We are proud of this partnership with Umniah and excited to launch this unique service in the Jordanian market. It is a service that adopts a new technology in the field of wireless telecommunication. We believe the demand on the service will be high as it provides a new experience and added value that makes the lives of customers, whether at home or office, easier.”