Bank of Jordan Launches Promotional Campaign


Bank of Jordan has recently launched a new promotional campaign which enables its Visa silver credit cardholders to get 5% Cashback of their purchases’ amount when paying with their card exclusively at supermarkets, restaurants and cafés during the campaign that began in early January.

This campaign is a part of Bank of Jordan’s strategy to reward its Visa silver credit cardholders where they can buy what they want and get5% Cashback in their card balance. Additionally they will collect  points in their card redeemable at selected merchants

Since it was founded in 1960, Bank of Jordan has become one of the leading banks in the Kingdom. For more than 54 years, Bank of Jordan has adapted continuous development and improvement schemes in all of its activities and areas of expertise. Since its establishment, BoJ has kept abreast with the rapid developments in the commercial banking industry, both locally and regionally. Bank of Jordan believes that social responsibility is realized through    incorporating social aspects and the environment in the way business is run and in its interactions with its partners and society at large. In this context, BoJ continued to support and sponsor various events including educational, cultural, sports, and social activities.