Building Jordan: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)

This feature is part of a series highlighting the most prominent engineering and design consultancy firms with headquarters in Jordan or that have a significant presence in the Kingdom.


Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)

Year: 1956

CEO: Jawdat Yaghmour

Offices: Lebanon, Greece, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UK

Number of employees: Approximately 1,000


One of the first engineering design firms established in the Middle East, Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) has provided engineering and consulting services worldwide for almost 60 years, and as of 2012, has worked on projects collectively worth over $70 billion.

ACE began as a small partnership in Lebanon. Today it’s an international shareholding company present in over 20 countries, with major corporate bases in Beirut and London.

With activities spanning planning, architecture, and engineering design to infrastructure, transportation, and construction management, ACE’s philosophy seeks to push the global engineering industry forward by providing quality services tailored to satisfy the singularity of each project.

In 1989, ACE took over Sir Frederick Snow and Partners Ltd. (SFSP), an international multi-discipline firm of consulting engineers headquartered in London and specializing in airport development projects. This helped consolidate and expand ACE’s undertakings in Europe and Central Asia.

More than a decade on, ACE expanded its skills in the oil and gas consulting field following the 2004 acquisition of London-based engineering consulting IMEG Oil and Gas EG, a company specializing in onshore oil and gas pipelines.

Jordan’s branch of ACE was established in 1981, and is now one of the leading consulting firms in the Kingdom. It has a core team of 100 employees, which can expand to 450 engineers, architects, and technicians, depending on the project.

Sustainability plays a central role in ACE’s projects. The company says being eco-friendly and reducing the impact of their activity on the environment are of paramount importance.

Focusing on essential environmental, economic, and social aspects and the responsible management of resources, the consulting company has spearheaded ethical change within the architecture and engineering field.

By adopting environmental management systems and strategies, the firm has worked on raising awareness about the importance of sustainability and cost-effective viability.

ACE’s environmental performance and investment in research and technology are assessed in periodical reviews to minimize the company’s carbon footprint, one of several steps the firm has taken over the years toward long-run sustainability.

The firm also endorsed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an international set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes, and neighborhoods at large.

The company’s base in Beirut has reached the certification of LEED Gold, the second best level of sustainability certification granted internationally as part of a rating system for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings.


Significant projects:

Beirut Central District Restoration Master Plan, Lebanon

Hail Airport, Saudi Arabia

Manzoul Dam, Lebanon

Military Special Treatment Center at Marka, Jordan

Churchill Hospital PFI, UK

The New Port and Industrial Area at Hidd, Bahrain

Amman-Irbid Highway, Jordan

The Blue City, Oman

Natural Gas Pipeline from Tripoli to Tyr, Lebanon

Diversion of Jordan River water to the Karameh Dam, Jordan

Al-Fedan Dam pre-and feasibility studies, preparation of final design and tender documents, Jordan

Mujib Dam – Jordan


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Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)