British Ambassador visits Salt

British Ambassador Peter Millett visited Salt yesterday, 6 November. During the visit, Ambassador Millett visited two schools which are hosting British Embassy funded projects, and called on local MP Mahmoud Kharabsheh and a group of distinguished people from the local community.

At two schools in Salt, Ambassador Millett witnessed the innovative “I3zif fi Mardasati” project, which is supported by the British Embassy. I3zif fi Madrasati empowers students and teaches them a new peaceful and creative means of self-expression by offering schools a range of instruments, teaching videos and technical courses for young students to develop their musical talents and channel any negative impulses into creative and positive activity through music. With the presence of representatives from Madrasati, the Ambassador walked around the schools, listened to students playing the instruments and congratulated the schools’ administrations for allowing the development of such projects at their schools.

Speaking during the visit, Ambassador Millett said: “I’m very impressed with the positive atmosphere and the opportunity this project has given students. I’ve listened to students who expressed the positive impact music has had on their behaviour and lives in general. This is important for Jordan’s upcoming generation and its future stability.”

During his visit Ambassador Millett also met with local MP Mahmoud Kharabsheh and a group of distinguished people from the local community. Ambassador Millett reiterated the Embassy’s commitment to UK supported projects in Jordan, the value of which has almost reached a quarter of a billion dollars since the start of the Syria crisis, and which include a variety of initiatives at the municipal level benefitting both Jordanians and Syrian refugees. MP Kharabsheh highlighted the importance of the current Parliamentary ordinary session, the Palestinian issue and the impact of regional situation on the Salt community.

Speaking after the meeting, Ambassador Millett said: “I found it a very vigorous and interesting discussion on important challenges facing this town and the deep concerns on what’s happening in Palestine especially in Jerusalem.”

Ambassador Millett’s visit to Salt was the latest stage in British Embassy outreach visits beyond the capital. The Embassy regularly carries out these visits in order to better understand Jordan and to get to know all its regions.