Cashing in on E-commerce

Local e-commerce startup CashBasha, which allows shoppers to make cash payments for products listed on, said it’s handled around 1,600 orders since it was established at the start of the year.

ChashBasha Cofounder Fouad Jeryes said his company is successfully tapping into a growing desire to shop online in a cash-based region, where credit card owners are still very much in a minority. “What we’ve done is take the preferred method of transaction in the region and connected consumers to [Amazon],” he said.

CashBasha works by allowing customers to search for products using its website which takes them to Amazon, where they can select what they want. When the customer goes to checkout their items, they are brought back to CashBasha to finalize their order.

What makes CashBasha a unique service is that it provides its customers with a full breakdown of the product’s cost. This not only includes shipping costs but also any customs tax, calculated using an algorithm to eliminate any nasty surprises with the product’s arrival at customs. Once a customer makes an order on CashBasha they can pay for their product at either a local Snax store or to a CashBasha representative who comes to their door. After the cash is paid, the order will be delivered to the customer’s door within two weeks.

According to Jeryes, e-commerce will be worth $15 billion in the Arab world by 2015 and is growing by 25 percent year-on-year. While operating only in Jordan so far, Jeryes plans to expand CashBasha to other MENA countries in the future. “The e-commerce industry in the Arab world is just getting started and I think it’s going to be exciting times,” he said.